Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Hanyo AKA,The Housemaid (2010)

Directed by: San-soo Im
Starring: Do-yeon Jeon, Jung-jae Lee, Yeo-jong Yun, and Woo Soo

Set in modern day Korea, Eun-yi Li (Do-yeon Jeon) goes to work as a maid and nanny for a rich and powerful man, Hoon Goh (Jung-jae Lee.) Hoon's wife Hae-Ra (Woo Soo) is pregnant with twins, and together the couple also has a small daughter, Nami (Seo-Hyeon Ahn.) Eun-yi is a simple woman, from a poor background. She has a good heart, and caring soul, and is in awe of the powerful man whom she works for. Eun-yi also develops a quick bond with Nami, the only one in the family capable of affection.  She works directly under the head servant, Mrs. Cho (Yeo-jong Yun.) Mrs. Cho is a wise old woman who hates the family she works for, but carries out her duties without question. Mrs. Cho is the key character in the story, as she sees and knows all the goings on in her surroundings.

The narrative of the story focuses on the fact that something bad is (and eventually does) going to happen. Re- made from the original 1960 film of the same title, and filmed with excellent cinematography by director Sang-soo Im, this Koren film is set with Gothic undertones. The film keeps the viewer guessing as to what is going to happen until the bizarre ending. The final scene of the film begs the question that the family continues on like nothing ever happened, or will the same turn of events happen again with another nanny?

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