Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Septien (2011)

Directed by: Michael Tully
Starring: Michael Tully, Robert Longstreet, Onur Tukel, Brian Kotzur, Rachel Korine

The plot of this film is about the Rawlings Brothers: Ezra (Longstreet), Amos (Tukel), and Cornelieus (Tully.) Cornelius has returned home after an eighteen year absence. The reason that the audience knows he has been gone that long is because in the very beginning of the film, there is a scene where Ezra asks Cornelius "Do you mind telling us where you have been for the last eighteen years?"...almost as nonchalantly as you would ask someone where they were the night before. What we don't really know is the reason as to why he left in the first place. Living on their (deceased) parent's farm in what appears to be somewhere in the rural south, the brothers all have serious demons in their closets. Ezra is a drag queen who thinks he is mom to his brothers, Amos likes to paint disturbing pictures, and Cornelius likes to hustle people in sporting contests, then blow the money on booze and drugs. Strange fact is that he has what appears to be a natural talent at any sport he plays; be it football, soccer, or tennis.  Cornelius is the one who is harboring something very dark in his past. An ex-football coach who is now a plumber named "The Red Rooster" is tied into Cornelius's past. The "Red Rooster" part of the narrative plays out in the end when a preacher shows up at their farm and performs some sort of exorcism, revealing the reason why Cornelius left eighteen years ago. 

Indie Filmmaker Michael Tully in his own words describes his latest film, Septien as a "wholly entertaining art film, and a late-night made for television movie from the 80's, combined with Southern Gothic Horror." I will say one thing- this film is most definitely art, and certainly entertaining...if that's your thing. This kind of film would most likely be found in an underground movie-house somewhere deep in Gotham. Fortunately for Michael Tully, the film's right were sold exclusively to IFC (Independent film channel.) So at least his film is getting some pretty good air time to people who may not have sought it out to begin with. As a true lover of Indie and "strange" art films, I really enjoyed this twisted flick...I'm sure though, that it's not every one's cup of tea.

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