Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Sitter (2011)

Directed by: David Gordon Green
Starring: Jonah Hill, Sam Rockwell, Landry Bender, Max Records, Kevin Hernandez

Slacker Noah Griffith (a pre-weight loss Hill) is a twenty-something year old loser who lives with his mom. He is coerced into babysitting three bratty kids so his mom can go out for the evening. There is eitght year old Blithe, (Landry Bender) who thinks she is a Diva, Slater, (Max Records) who is an overly dramatic thirteen year old boy version of Greta Garbo, and Rodrigo, (Kevin Hernandez) the family's adopted Hispanic teen who has a fascination with fireworks.  Misadventures begin almost immediately when Noah gets a call from his girlfriend who promises him sex in return for scoring her drugs. Noah loads the youths into the family mini-van and they set out for New York City in search of drugs for his girlfriend. The babysitter and kids find themselves in trouble with a drug dealer, meet up with some black gangsters who end up becoming their ally, and then the kids and sitter form a bond by the rolling of end credits.

The Sitter is a much like Adventures in Babysitting(1987), only much more raunchy. With lots of sex, drugs, bratty little kids, and a babysitter who is lost in life, this film fails epically on every level imaginable. The most despicable part of the movie is the exploitation of Landry Bender in making her character out to be a grown woman trapped in an eight year old's body.  Director David Gordon Green, who once showed promise to be a fine director with his 2003 hit All the Real Girls, has instead chosen to do gross-out and drug-referenced comedies like Pineapple Express (2008) and Your Highness (2011.) I am so very sick and tired of these types of films; they serve no purpose whatsoever.

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